How to Buy Pepe in 2024

how to buy pepe meme coin

Moreover, fees are more favorable based on your rolling 30-day trading volume. PEPE has a 24-hour trading volume of $23 million on OKX, which makes it very liquid for the average users. PEPE coin’s meteoric rise has given crypto investors a reason to keep tracking it and dabbling in the token. Despite having no official connection to the meme's creator, the token capitalized on the enormous popularity of the Pepe the Frog meme for its gain. Pepe Coin established a significant connection and appeal with crypto enthusiasts by naming the coin after the well-known frog meme and using a meme-inspired logo.

how to buy pepe meme coin

There are multiple perpetual contracts, and it is known as a fair, transparent, and efficient platform. The last step after buying your PEPE is to secure it by withdrawing it from the exchange’s wallet to a private one, where only you hold the private keys. The best option would be to use cold storage, meaning a hardware wallet, such as Ledger or Trezor.

How to Buy Pepe in 6 Steps

The platform is known for listing hundreds of cryptocurrencies, and it has advanced trading tools, including technical analysis indicators, charting tools, and like. Several cryptocurrency exchanges have listed PEPE, which you can find on the list below. All of the mentioned platforms are legitimate and well-established.

PEPE is one of the top meme coins that have gained popularity in 2023. And, though meme coins like PEPE are highly volatile and can experience huge price swings in a short period, they also present opportunities to make huge short-term gains. All crypto exchanges listed in this guide offer low fees and multiple paired cryptocurrencies. They are safe, with fast transactions, multiple payment methods, and other benefits. As such, all of them offer a great deal worth considering, if you are interested in buying PEPE. Like most meme coins, Pepe doesn’t have any particular use cases at this time.

Many feared this rally was living on borrowed time before regressing to the mean. No one knew exactly how long this surge could continue before bears took over. As of Oct. 2023, that seems to be precisely the case as the PEPE price is down, and the initial buzz surrounding the asset has subsided considerably. Meanwhile, those who bought at or near the peak will be less pleased as the memecoin has shed substantial value since its exponential growth in May.

how to buy pepe meme coin

Enter the amount of USDT you wish to spend or the number of $PEPE tokens you want and click “Buy PEPE”. That being said, there is too much momentum in the crypto space to expect a drawback anytime soon. As always in crypto, moving carefully is essential because the reality of cashing out might be harder than it seems. A fine line exists between asset valuation “on paper” and actual realizable cash.

How to Store Pepe Coins Safely

Looking at DOGE and SHIB, both coins capitalized on their initial buzz by offering functional uses, creating sustainable growth. If Pepe Coin follows this path, the future may continue to shine bright. However, with any investment, especially that of crypto, it is essential you conduct your own research before making any decisions. Since Pepe Coin entered the market, it has consistently risen to provide huge returns to early investors. Enoch Omololu, personal finance expert, author, and founder of Savvy New Canadians, has written about money matters for over 10 years.

  1. The exchange will transfer the PEPE from the exchange wallet to yours.
  2. It has slid down the ranks slightly since and, as of October 2023, ranks 104th in terms of market cap.
  3. Pepe quickly cemented its status as a recognizable crypto asset by piggybacking on the familiar Pepe meme.
  4. $PEPE is taking the crypto world by storm with its exponential returns.

Now that it has been a few months since it has been out, its price has shown a lot of volatility for us to judge how it performs. Its users have access to various data analysis tools, which lets them access valuable data, like moving averages, monthly price range, moving average indicators, and more. The platform also permits limit orders, conditional limit orders, stop-loss orders, etc. It allows multiple payment options, robust security measures, and it has a dedicated platform that acts as an NFT marketplace for users who wish to purchase collectibles. On the positive side, it features no deposit or withdrawal fees, while transaction fees are vary low, usually only 0.1% on most trades. As with other meme-led currencies, PEPE lacks robust fundamentals and intrinsic value.

Why we choose it

PEPE’s distinct burning mechanism is the project’s unique aspect that strives to maintain the coin’s scarcity in the face of its colossal maximum supply. A portion of the crypto’s total tokens gets permanently removed from the circulating supply on a regular basis. According to the project’s official website, 93.1% of the token’s total supply was sent to a liquidity pool, where LP tokens (liquidity provider) were burnt. Those 6.9% remaining PEPE tokens will be used for future listings, bridges, and liquidity pools.

What Is Pepe Coin?

This recent addition to the memecoin scene is leveraging the “Vs” narrative and AI-powered battles to quickly gain traction among memecoin enthusiasts. Giving users a clear use case, Meme Kombat is another “memecoin with a utility” which can help it propel in the crypto market. Despite this, the token is growing in popularity and adoption in the crypto industry. It has also been listed on some large exchanges, such as OKX, Binance, KuCoin, Uniswap, Kraken, Bithumb, Gemini, Bittrex, and many other markets. Pepe is one of the latest additions to the meme coin market, based on the popular cartoon character Pepe The Frog. You don’t pay any monthly account fees, withdrawal fees are similar to other platforms, and deposit fees are $0 for crypto.

The token’s performance in October, however, has seen a major downtrend. All the indicators are saying that its performance is bearish, with the technicals of TradingView showing that the token is in the “Sell zone”. When it comes to PEPE’s future price, the situation remains uncertain. This is a new asset, and there is very little data involving its performance that could be used for predicting its future movement. By the time July arrived, the token’s performance went in a downward direction.

Where to buy PEPE

Choose trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges and protect your PEPE coins in hardware or software wallets. By following the step-by-step instructions provided, you can buy PEPE coins and perhaps profit from its price growth in 2024 and beyond. Yes, as of Oct. 2023, Binance has listed multiple PEPE trading pairs including PEPE/USDT, PEPE/TUSD, and PEPE/TRY. With its unrivaled trading volume and liquidity, Binance stands out as one of the best platforms around to buy and trade pepe. PEPE trading volume (24h) on the exchange currently hovers around $9 million.

The current price of PEPE is updated and available in real-time on Binance. As an ERC-20 token, PEPE enjoys all the benefits of being on the Ethereum network, like its robust security offered by the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. ZenGo is a fantastic choice if you want to keep PEPE coin in a software wallet. This means you don't have to worry about protecting and backing up your private keys. Our editorial team, comprised of more than 20 professionals in the crypto space, works diligently to uphold the highest standards of journalism and ethics.

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