Good Reasons to Call Out of Work Is it OK to Phone in Sick?

The above email examples and reasons to call out of work will help you make this process easier and stress-free. More often than not, people take leaves merely because they’re lazy. Hence, remind yourself during your lazy days to save up your leaves for more important reasons to call out of work. Taking some time off to rest and recharge would help me return to my best self.

I appreciate your support in allowing me to prioritize my health. When this happens on a work day, your whole work routine may get messed up. You won’t be able to commute to work on time and will probably have to spend the rest of the day fixing up your ride.

Someone else is sick

Severe weather can prevent you from commuting or knock out your internet connection. But hurricanes, tornadoes, and other dangerous events can also mean you need to evacuate on short notice. Even if you don’t evacuate, you may need to take a couple of hours off to stock up on supplies and groceries ahead of the storm.

The need for home repairs, such as fixing a leak or dealing with an emergency, can come up without warning. In these situations, it's important reasons to call out of work to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage. Again, let your supervisor know as soon as you can that you're handling a problem.

Good excuses to call out of work (and how to communicate with your boss)

You can keep the reason for calling out quite vague, citing personal reasons or not feeling well. This will be acceptable for the odd day off but you will need to be more specific if you will be off for longer. If your mental health is being affected, you should discuss some reasonable adjustments that will help you continue to do your job. It might be that you need to go on long term sickness, reduce your hours or do some of your weeks remotely. Your boss should have an open door policy for anyone struggling mentally.

If you find yourself unable to get to work due to a transportation problem, contact your employer immediately. Be prepared to discuss potential solutions, such as finding alternative transportation or doing your work from home. Keep in mind that you may be asked to provide an update on the situation upon returning to work. The key is to be professional and provide your employer with as much advance notice as possible.

How to Call out of Work, According to 9 HR Experts and Employers

Tell them your car didn’t start in the morning and you are bringing it into the shop. Since you don’t have a method to get to work, you can request to stay home and take the day off. But seriously, children are always getting sick, so using this as an excuse works well for a work-sick day.

  • Personal days are crucial for maintaining a healthy work-life integration.
  • Regardless of why, it’s essential to understand when and how to communicate that you’re going to miss work.
  • If you receive an official summons, be sure to promptly notify your employer and provide them with a copy.
  • You are completely within your rights to keep this information to yourself until you are comfortable sharing it.
  • Let your manager know what's going on and the time that you need to take care of your health.

It would be nice to know when emergencies are going to happen, but that’s not realistic. At some point or another, you might need to call out of work at the last minute — here are three reasons why. Calling out of work to prioritize childcare can also help curb the impact of caregiver fatigue. After all, caregivers are burdened with quite a lot of priorities. It’s important to make sure you’re helping your working parents focus their energy on what matters most.

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